Takeo Hoshiya ë

List of Works

name year instrumentation information durations
Creation of fiction -In memory of Hyojung Shim-2022pianocommissioned by Satoko Inoue
The Tradition of Kshana Ib2021clarinet
Platycodon2021prepared pianocommissioned by Satoko Inoue
Symmetry, Asymmetry, Transformation of nature2020flute, harpcommissioned by Eri Matsumura
Petite suite2020clarinet, saxphone, baroque cello, keybord
Pattern, Flame, Anti-synchronization2020cl(es/b/bass), sax(sop/alt/bar) vc(baroque/5stringed/harpsicord) (overdubbing recorded work)
Hazakai (ü)2019thought fragments for flute, violin, cello, pianopremiered in Thin Edge New Music Collevtive festival, Tronto
Petite suite2019clarinet, harpsicord
Duet for saxophone and vibraphone2019alto saxophone, vibraphone
Trio2019clarinet, saxphone, piano
Fuyu no motekoshi ߤΤƤ (ã Miyoshi Tatsuji)2019choruscommissioned by Vox humana
Glassland ()2018/2021tuba, electronics
Sinfonia on the 72 fragments2018flute, cello, piano
The Art of Constellation2018alto sax, ten saxcommissioned by Yuko Tomioka
for Aino2018violin, pianocommissioned by Hikaru Hayashi
Nachtmusik2018fl, cl, pf, vn, va, vc, cbcommissioned by Ensemble NOMADE
Withered Lotuses II20174 clarinets
The Tradition of Kshana I2017clarinet
Le carnaval des animaux au futur2017fl, cl, perc, 2pf, 2vn va, vc, cbcommissioned by Fukui Prefecture
Ancestral Song III2017clarinet
Chronos and Kairos2017barton saxophonecommissioned by Daisuke Sakaguchi
The Tradition of Kshiana II for one flute player2017flute (+perc., 5 effctors)collaborated with Jun'ichiro Taku and Hideaki Isobe11''
Carnatic Flower2016flute, clarinet, viola
History of Genetics2016flute, clarinet
Withered Lotuses II20166 clarinets
Shadow of Shepherd2016pianoComissioned by Kumi Uchimoto's project "24 preludes from Japan"
Shadow of Shepherd2016violin, clarinet, piano
Four Seasons2016piano
Ancesters Song II2015violin, piano11
Withered Lotuses20144 voicesbased on a Haiku by Sanki Saito / premiered by Hilliard Ensemble8'
Music for 4 stringed instruments20142 violins, viola, celloComissioned by Quatuor Bozzini Japan project12
Music for flute, cello, portative organ and electric keyboard2014/2019flute, cello, portative organ, electric keyboardMicrotonal Organ and Max/Msp keyboard are required60'
Nemuri-to-Kakusei20132 harps (+2 electric fans)premiered by Duo farfalle 18'
Music of the Tower2013trumpet and guitarcomissioned by Kiyonori Sokabe and Gaku Yamada11
Ancesters Song for trombone2013trombonecollaborated with Barrie Webb8
Memory and oblivion 2 for flute and piano2012flute, pianocomissioned by Takefu internatinal music festival10
A language for flute2012flute and string quartetpremiered by Ensemble Contemporary Alpha10
For Friendship2011clarinet, violin7
Memory and oblivion for marimba2011marimbacomossioned by Mayumi Orai8
Composition for mezzo soprano and soprano saxophone2011mezzo soprano, soprano saxophonepremiered in Royaumont New Music Festival, France8
Harmonic Design 22011flute, viola, accordion, saxophone, percussioncommissioned by Ensemble Gonin Bayashi10
Study for cello2011celloarranged version of piano study by Tomoki Tai14
Sapporo II for clarinet and piano2011clarinet, piano10
Piano study VIII2011pianocommisioned by Satoko Inoue8
3 images for clarinet and Wind instruments2011solo clarinet, winds, piano24
Sapporo I for violin solo2011violincommisioned by Yasutaka Hemmi6
Pitch, Interval, Sounds 220102 flutes, clarinet, violn, viola, cello, pianocommissioned by Takefu International Music Festival8
Pitch, Interval, Sounds -string quartet- 2010-112 violins, viola, cellocommissioned by Tomoki Tai
Etude for 2 pianos20102 pianoscommissioned by Shoko Kawasaki730
2 movements based on Ayako Miura's poem2010chorus, violin, cellocommissioned by Vox humana1330
Music for 5 instruments2009violin, cello, 2 synthesizers, pianoca.40'
clarinet and piano2009clarinet, piano930
For harp and violin2009harp, violin830
3 dialogues for piano, flute and cello2009piano, flute, cellocommissioned by Shoko Kawasaki1230
37 Aspects on "D'un aultre amer"2008/09soprano, flute, violin, cello, piano, synthesizer50'
Ockeghem transcription2008clarinet, piano3'
7 piano studies2008pianoCommissioned by Sapporo Otani University12'
6 players III20082 flutes, violin, cello, 2 pianos1 piano is tuned 1/4 tone lower630
The Cello in February2008cello, pianocello is tuned quarter tone lower8
Path for flute and cello2008bass flute, cello
Duet for quintet2007solo violin, flute, oboe, violin, piano1030
Duet for violin and cello2007violin, cello1030
quartet, quartation2006flute, clarinet, viola, cello9'
Saxophone Ensemble2006saxophone ensemble
STRING TRIO -unknown place-2006violin, viola, cellocommissioned by Hiroko Ueba
Towering -night and day-2005orchestra12'
In solution... for flute solo2005flute530
6 players II2005flute, clarinet, violin, viola, midi-piano, piano6'30"
Instability principle2005flute, clarinet, cello, vibraphone7'30"
Incomplete Melody2004violin, cello, pianoexist 2010 revised version8'-11'
Extension of Experience2003flute, saxophone, tuba, violin, cello, vibraphoneexist 2010 revised version / All instruments could be amplified in large space.12'30"
6 players I2002solo violin, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, midi-piano, pianoMidi-piano is tuned 1/4 tone lower16'
Harmonic Design2002flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussionAll instruments could be amplified in large space.11'
Dan2001flute, violin, double bass, piano, percusssion11'
Over the hill -March-2001winds2001 all-japan band association competition3'40''


name year instrumentation information durations
Mai (Kunihiko Hashimoto)2021soprano, koto
Chaconne (J.S.Bach)20214 clarinets
Air des trois notes (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)2020viola
Que le temps me dure WoO116 (text:Rousseau, music:Beethoven,1793)2020vn, va, pf(+toy piano)
Baryton Trio (Haydn)2019flute, clarinet, piano
3 Songs (Faure)2019flute, clarinet, piano
Chaconne (J.S.Bach)2019flute, clarinet
"Carrelage phonique" musique d'ameublement (Erik Satie,1920)2018fl, cl, pf, guitar, vn, va, vc, cb
"Violin Sonata" Tafelmusik (G.P.Telemann, 1733)2018fl, cl, pf, guitar, vn, va, vc, cb
Japanese Songs Medley20175 clarinets
Chaconne (J.S.Bach)2017clarinet
Take Five (Paul Desmond,1959)20165 clarinets
O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden Walter (Hans Leo Haler,1601)20152 violins2'
There's a wideness in God's mercy (Frederick William Faber,1854)20152 violins2'
Les Anges dans nos Campagnes (16c.)2013cello, portative organ2'
O little town of Bethlehem (Phillips Brooks/Lewis Redner,1868)2013cello, portative organ2'
The cruel war is raging (Peter, Paul and Mary)2008violin, pianocommissioned by ROSCO3'


name year information
Daian-ji Kindergarten Song2013


Born in Tokyo in 1979. Takeo Hoshiya studied composition with Jo kondo at the Tokyo University of the arts. His works have been performed extensively in Japan. In 2004, Ensemble Nomad played his music at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. In 2007, he won the Salvatore Martirano Prize at the University of Illinois. Since 2009, he has established a particularly close association with the Takefu International Music Festival, where his music was performed in 2010, 2011,2012 and 2014. In 2013, he was invited to the Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival in Korea. In 2014, his pieces have also introduced on Caf Budapest in Hungary. Since 2010, he has collaborated with Japanese cellist Tomoki Tai on the Tokinokatachi project an ongoing series of concerts introducing Japanese composers and rarely performed pieces from abroad. http://tokinokatachi.com/ (official website)